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About us

Football Academy (FA) is the largest network of soccer schools for children and teenagers in Poland, located also in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

Children are trained by professional coaches on the basis of standardised football programmes, prepared by FA using English coaching methods. It is our priority to educate and train young players how to play football.

We gained the trust of over 10 thousand parents and young players and the network of soccer schools centres is constantly growing, currently over 130 centres.

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Check for yourself

Check for yourself

Check for yourself

All players who would like to start their football journey are invited to attend the two first trial training sessions.

The condition to join the trial training sessions is to register online and contact the FA manager.

Check for yourself

How much for that?

Monthly payment for a soccer school depends on the location of Football Academy and the costs related to the FA branch operation.

payment covers two training sessions a week, insurance policy and numerous attractions, such as: participation in football matches, tournaments and other events organised by the football school.

Payment details – along with potential discounts – ask the FA branch manager directly.

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